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Finding clothes that fit your body type and your budget can be difficult, and it’s no wonder that many people avoid shopping for new clothes until it’s absolutely necessary. However, if you hate shopping for yourself, there may be a solution that can help you find gorgeous new outfits without having to do any shopping. More and more people who have an eye for fashion are giving their time shopping and styling to those who want to improve their style but don’t know where to start. In today’s post, find a few tips that will help you find a personal stylist who is right for you!

If you are ready to upgrade your wardrobe and improve your style, you need help from someone who cares about helping you look your very best. Style by Priscilla has the expertise and know how to not only act as your personal wardrobe consultant, but she can help you organize your closet, office, kitchen, and your life. Priscilla is more than happy to help you with any area that may need her expert attention, so if you live in Austin, give her a call and get started today!

Find Someone Through Word of Mouth

Finding a personal wardrobe consultant without any knowledge about what to look for can be a game of trial and error. However, if you have friends who have tried different personal stylists or personal styling subscriptions, it’s a good idea to ask for their opinions and try out different stylists that they recommend. Even if you don’t personally know anyone who has tried a wardrobe consultant, it’s still a good idea to do your research and read reviews before you commit to someone. Reading reviews will help you determine if the stylist will be right for you based on what others have encountered, and it will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Research Style and the Process

Once you’ve read reviews, talked to friends, and searched online, there’s a good chance that you have one or two stylists in mind who you may want to work with. At this point, the next step is to dig deeper and look at the style of the wardrobe consultant and see how their process may be different than the other consultants you have in mind. For example, one stylist may be extremely hands-on and want to be there for every step of the styling process. However, another stylist may prefer to speak with you about what you like and dislike and then go out and buy the clothes for you. Depending on what process and style you may prefer, this step could help you narrow down your options.

Set a Budget

While recommendations, processes, and styles are important when searching for a wardrobe consultant, one of the most important things you need to keep in mind is your budget. It’s no secret that clothes can be extremely expensive depending on the piece, brand, and material; therefore, it’s vital that you set a budget for yourself before you begin your search. Some wardrobe consultants may have a predetermined budget that includes the price of the clothes as well as their styling fee, while other consultants may be willing to work with you to find clothes that are within your budget. Regardless of how much the clothes cost, it’s good to keep in mind that no matter who you choose to be your wardrobe consultant, they will most likely have an additional styling fee that covers the cost of their service.

Look for Someone with Experience

As you begin your search for a wardrobe consultant, you may come across some who offer discounted rates or services for free. This may give you the impression that you’ve found a great deal, but more often than not, it’s because the consultant is just starting out. If you’re serious about improving your style and finding clothes that look and feel good on your body type, then you will want to look for a wardrobe consultant who has experience and education in the field of fashion. With so many people turning to personal stylists and subscription services to improve the way they look, you’re sure to find those who simply want to make some money.

Dress to Impress with Style by Priscilla

Dressing in clothes that not only look good on your body type, but also feel comfortable can be a struggle, and while a personal stylist can help, you need to be sure you find someone you trust. Luckily, if you live in Austin and you’re looking for a personal stylist to show you the ropes, then Style by Priscilla is here to help. Learn more about Priscilla and the services she offers on her website, and if you’re ready to improve your wardrobe, contact Style by Priscilla and get started today!

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