4 reasons why you need a personal shopper

We’ve all been there: standing in front of your (very) full closet feeling frustrated and overwhelmed because you can’t find a single decent thing to wear. This is an all too common experience, and it is one that can be avoided by hiring a personal shopper to help you stock your closet with versatile, on-trend garments that you’ll love wearing. What’s more, you might be surprised at just how affordable this convenient service is.

Benefits of Hiring an Expert to Help You Shop

Save Time

Between your family, friends, work, and maybe school, you don’t have a lot of free time in your schedule. The last thing you want to do is spend hours at a department store feeling overwhelmed by the number of designers and apparel choices. Shopping for clothes can take much longer than necessary when you feel this way. However, with the help of an expert shopper, your shopping trip can be easier and less stressful.

Save Money

Do you have clothes in your closet that you have only worn once or twice? Or worse, do you have garments that still have the price tag on them and haven’t seen the light of day since you brought them home? We often think things look great in the store, only to bring them home and be less than thrilled with how they look. Buying the right clothes with intention and purpose can save you money.

Find Your Style

In addition to finding articles of clothing that suit your budget and your body shape, a personal stylist can help you find your own personal sense of style. This doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. I can help you choose new pieces that coordinate with your existing collection to help you develop a capsule wardrobe. This will allow you to have several classic apparel pieces in your closet that enhance your personal style and slash your clothing costs.

Dress to Impress

Do you feel confident in your ability to pick a personal and professional wardrobe that lets your personal style shine through, but then fall short when it comes to important events? Choosing the right outfit is critical to looking your best in the eyes of others. Whether you are preparing for a wedding, the job interview of a lifetime, or another momentous occasion, a personal shopper can help ensure you look your best.

Let Style by Priscilla Be Your Personal Shopper

Are you ready to declare victory in the war against your closet? If so, Priscilla is here to help! As your Top Rated Local® personal shopper in Austin, Priscilla can simplify your shopping experience and help you bust out of your fashion rut. She is happy to accompany you as you shop for new clothing, or she can shop alone on your behalf in order to create a wardrobe that flatters your figure and your budget.

Ready to get started? Schedule your consultation with Style By Priscilla now.

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